• Use of manipulatives, pictures and symbols helps them identify relationships between sets and groups of things to be sorted, counted, shared and represented.
  • Sports and interactions with students, teachers help in strengthening coordination and motor skills, and instill enthusiasm for sports.
  • Picnics and field trips enhance students’ understanding of their surroundings.
  • Celebration of festivals sensitizes them to multiple traditions and cultures.
  • Games, songs, creative projects, story-telling, role-playing, drawing and painting help develop children’s foundational skills in literacy and numeracy.
  • Singing, rhyming and reciting are employed in the Language Arts, and the Phonics Programme.

Our Activities



To keep kids preoccupied and remain productive, art and craft activities are a great way to keep them busy.


Easiest and active method of teaching children to pronounce by combining letters to form sounds.


Provide young learners with a super comfort environment to best learn the English language.


Kids will love to stand before an audience and deliver a speech on a topic.

Why choose us

Since 2007, well-balanced curriculum which helps the young minds integrate their learning smoothly. HONEY KIDS emphases them on exploring, knowing, understanding and forming their own ideas.


Parents trust Honey Kids Expertise
My son P. Sujit Krishna is performing very well after joining to honey kids. Thank you for the co-operation.
_S. Palavesam, Parents
We are very much with joyous interest in school. He is very active at home also. We like the activities you do in school like colours, Chess and festivals. The way of conducting the events also. We especially like the teacher's interaction with the parents too. 
_M.V Praveen., Parents
The way of teaching is very nice. She picks up faster and finds ABCD too. Thank you very much to all the teachers.
_K. Mounica, Parents
He is good in all activities. We are happy with my child. He is very happy and enjoy in the school. Thank you madam.
_S. Sravanthi, Parents
I am so happy to see a change in my kid. He is coming to school very happy. I observed nice colouring in the home. Mam one advise you to give my child a little bit of homework. My kid does homework at home after coming home. Thank you honey kids teachers
_Sumasri Wagmare, Parents
Hello Team, Nowadays Avyann has improved a lot, he is writing his homework and is interested to do things. This is all because of your learning methods. I want to thank each and everyone in school for his development
_Avyaan's Parents, Parents

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