Our Activities

Activities planned by our well trained teachers mainly focuses on child's all-round development. Both physical and mental development is equally required for the child to engage actively in all activities. We always make sure that 100% participation will be there.
  • Social and motor skill development
  • Increased school readiness skills
  • Skills helping in developing muscles, bones, and joints faster
  • Activities to help in Increase learning capacity
  • Developing healthier social, cognitive, and emotional skills
  • Building strength, self-confidence, concentration, and coordination from an early age
  • Helps to develop their observation skills, explore, recognize, gain an understanding of their world.
  • Improves Academic Performance.


Indoor and Outdoor Games:

They get to enjoy enough physical activity as well as develop mental strength.

English Enrichment

Introducing new words when you playing and interacting with child makes them learn in a intresting way

Visual & Performing Arts

Unwind with music, dance, art or theater gives child a wonderful break

Water Games

We provide the most fun water games ever. We say it loud that kids Love it

Field Trips

field trips provide kids with the kind of real-world learning that really carry on with them.

Masti Time

Boosts energy into double with a quality time spend with friends and teachers.