IB programs provide students with a curriculum that is well-balanced and broad. The curriculum of HONEY KIDS PLAY SCHOOL will stimulate every student to develop analytical and critical skills. Those skills will help them to deal with real-life situations.
IB students are encouraged to make links between everything they learn and to follow their own instincts. Connections will be made at HONEY KIDS PLAY SCHOOL which will teach them in the classroom and something that happens out on the play field.
Establishing good study habits, setting aside time for assignments, developing individual revision techniques and resisting distractions – students who master these skills will be one step ahead when they progress from HONEY KIDS PLAY SCHOOL to Primary level education.

Globally Oriented Education

Students in HONEY KIDS PLAY SCHOOL know about different cultures so that they can easily be a part of a global society which allows students to really excel and see what they’re capable of. For those who choose to challenge themselves, the IB is hugely rewarding. Students finish their Learning skills and will develop confidence that will push them forward throughout their whole life.

Extended Essay (EE)

The extended essay is an independent, self-directed ability of kid. The teaching also involves active two-way communication between the teacher and the students. The students have the freedom to voice their opinions and ideas respectfully. Students in HONEY KIDS PLAY SCHOOL listen to others ideas and display mutual respect for differences in the ways each student processes the information. This develops empathy, thought analysis, listening and speaking capabilities in students.

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

The function of this is to give the students varied opportunities of learning through Intra and Inter Personal Skills, learning by doing and working to do service for others. Sports, co-curricular activities, field visits, learning Skills will help them in transferring learning to writing which is a part of HONEY KIDS PLAY SCHOOL curriculum. Students are also given the freedom of creative expression and to follow special interests for holistic development.

Theory or Knowledge (TOK)

Students at HONEY KIDS PLAY SCHOOL are more likely to avoid distractions, gain quality of focus and concentration. They also learn to challenge themselves within the stimulating and exciting learning environment of the IB curriculum program. These components will support your kids in Universal development.